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To tile or not to tile

Choosing materials for your new home or for updating your home or business is a big decision. You want to select appealing, high-quality, durable materials which coordinate with the surroundings. Cost usually plays a role and, increasingly, the environmental effects of producing and using those materials matters.

As you decide, here are some interesting bits of information to consider:

arrow Although glass tile has existed for many hundreds of years, going back as far as the Byzantine Empire, it is being used in thoroughly modern ways today. This popular materials harmonizes wonderfully with the look and feel of the high tech toys and tools of today's world.*

arrow Since tile is fired in kilns to extremely high temperatures, there are no volatile organics in the finished product that can be released into the air we breathe.**

arrow Tile is inhospitable to dust mites, mold, germs, and bacteria, making it an attractive hypoallergenic alternative for people who have asthma or allergies or who just want to breathe clean air.**

arrow Tile costs less than $0.40 per square foot per year over the life of a building. Carpet and vinyl are significantly more expensive due to their shorter expected life.**

arrow Tile is fire resistant. Ceramic tile is non-combustible and does not give off toxic fumes when exposed to fire.**

*  Sources: and
** Source: Tile is the Natural Choice, a publication of the Tile Council of North America. This publication is available for download on TCNA's website.


Top tile mistakes

And how to avoid them

Poor surface preparation (DIY projects)

Under- or over-estimating the needed materials (DIY projects)

Using harsh cleaners and scrubbers that damage grout and tile surfaces. Regular cleaning with mild cleaners and warm water works great! (tile care)

Infrequent cleaning. Dirt can scratch and dull tile surfaces. Light cleaning, often, works better than heavy, infrequent cleaning to keep your tile looking wonderful. (tile care)

Adhesives and sealant are improperly applied. (DIY projects)

Your best resource for expert tile installation and tile care advice is a licensed tile professional. Quality and durability - that's our promise to you at Pinnacle Tile and Marble. Please get in touch today to find out how we can help make your home or office more beautiful and easier to maintain.

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Pinwheel patterned tile floor

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